AEK Marketing works with other professional Independent Rep firms throughout the country, working together to draw from each others strengths, knowledge, and skills. In today's world sharing ideas with other firms, helps keep us all up to date and in tune with current trends. ISM West, ISM Southeast, and Signal Pro are great sources that AEK Marketing is proud to collaborate with.


ISM WEST INC, headquartered in We​stlake Village, California, is a sales and marketing firm founded in 1995. We provide professional, insightful marketing services with an innovative approach to systems applications and technical support.  Our sole purpose is to address the needs of manufacturers seeking marketing and sales within our territory which includes California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, Montana, Wyoming Idaho, Washington, Alaska, Oregon, and Hawaii.  We service the security, surveillance, access control, life safety, data com, HVAC, and audiovisual marketplace. Led by company founder, Cary Berman, the team at ISM West Inc. has experience at every level in our industry, from actual field installation to sales and marketing management. Our manufacturers benefit from over 100 years of combined technical expertise in the market. We are committed to clear and timely communication between factories and clients and we take pride in our responsiveness and superior customer service to both the factories we support and the clients we service.

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Tel: 631-241-5762| Fax: 631-581-2902